A safe place for your Coins!

We coach the SAFE handling of all cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, etc – there are more than 1200) for all people in Cambodia.

A SAFE cryptoworld starts with a SAFE place to store your coins:
Ledger NanoS / Blue are hardware wallets, which are 100% secure – the private keys never leave the device.

We offer:

  • Ledger Wallets (Review 99Bitcoins.com)
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin A-Z
  • BlockChain – a human Revolution!?
  • Guide / Seminars – individual or groups
  • Tutorials (Video, Text)

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We speak English, French, German and Khmer!

Interested? Below are some educational videos…

What are Bitcoins?

What is the Blcokchain?

More video...